Mama & Milo

I never had photos taken with Alice when she was fresh out in the world - partly because I wasn't in my photogenic prime (still lots of pregnancy pounds to shed) and partly because the thought of paying someone else for something I do is a hard thing for me to get over. So this time around I ignored the critical commentary in my head (rolls and lines and chubby face, oh my!) and dialed in the manual camera settings for my sister to take some. I was not going to let a non-existent budget or low self-esteem thwart documenting this season for me and our new little Milo.

But poor, poor Lyndsay! I'm just a, particular. I dictated a running laundry list of things to keep in mind while shooting, and she did a great job. After some editing, I now have sweet, beautiful photos of me and my baby boy. 


My favorites...

Milo, I love you.
I'll etch these moments on my heart til the other side of eternity.
So glad God gave you to us.


p.s. he's wrapped in a scarf Lyndsay made for herself out of the softest flannel fabric ever...thanks for letting us borrow it!