My Sister

In the last couple of months, I have found my hands incredibly full - and while I am impossibly joyful that they are full of two littles, there are moments when my two hands are not enough. Cue: my sister. There were days when I was floundering and all of a sudden she would pop over after work for a couple of hours and hold Milo so I could hold a fork and feed myself. And Alice. And there were nights when she would come over - and still does - to play with Alice and put her to bed so we can spend time with friends. And there are other days when she comes and washes all my dirty dishes or reads Alice a book or changes Milo's poopy diaper or sits and shares a hot chocolate with me.
And every time it's exactly what I need. 

Lyn, I'm not sure how people manage without sisters, but I'm so glad I don't have to wonder. 
Thanks for being my best friend.
Thanks for holding my babies and throwing me a line and loving my littles as much as I do.
It means so very, very much.

We kind of love you, Aunt Lynnie.
Thanks for loving us back.

Heather Hallmusings