Studio Reveal

It's taken awhile, but I've finally updated my studio space over the course of the last month, and boy does it make a difference!

khaki boredom - not an inspiring color for the creative hub


north wall | before

north wall | after

Isn't it so much more fresh and calming and sophisticated?

Benjamin Moore | Pebble Beach
Initially, I wanted gray (I thought this paint would be gray) but as my painting gal, Jen, started rolling it on, it became clear that it was more of a blue-gray. Not what I had wanted, but it's grown on me quite a bit, and dare I say it? I'm actually glad it's this color. The warm tones in the wood just pop against the cool blue of the walls.

Gramma Alice gave me her side board. Eventually it will pass to Alice, but I will keep it for now. It houses all of my paints, mixed media materials, tissue paper, mailers, ribbon, thread, and art supplies. There is even a key to open all the drawers! It's history is special, too - Gramma Alice (Lenore) was given this by her Great Grandma Leonora Alice. This side board will span 7 generations in my family, always passing to an Alice.

Side note: Recently my friend Bethany read one of my favorite books of all times - Anne of Gables - and it left me wanting to revisit it's pages. When I found this cute copy by Rifle Paper Co. at the most wonderful store in all the land (Anthropologie) I had to pick it up!
Anne is my favorite fiery red headed heroine. Of all characters in the history of the written language, her spirit is the one I identify with the most.

The copy of Anne of Avonlea belonged to my Gramma Alice and her mother before her. 

east wall | before

east wall | after

The desk is a hand-me-down from our neighbors. Still need to find a new chair, but I'll wait for the right one. For now, I'll just bounce on this exercise ball my friend Jess gave us. It's comfy! 

Years ago, I had purchased these frames from Hobby Lobby and matted a couple of antique prints myself, however, it was time for a reboot. One of them even broke during our move here so it didn't have glass. Then, an idea struck! I wanted a better mood board, so why not make one? By stretching some spare fabric over some spare foam board (I have the most random collection of "spare stuff to use"), I was able to make what I wanted, no money spent.


mood board

and this beautiful watercolor calendar makes my heart sing!
(Guess where it's from? Anthro. I'm convinced that the best stuff is always Anthro. Or second-hand :D)
Large golden paperclips from Target. 

south wall | before

bench | before

south wall & bench | after

I finally realized that my space was tending toward juvenile because the art in the room was all held up with washi tape - something I sought to rectify. I sent some of my favorite photos off to Shutterfly and picked up frames at Target.

The bench got a makeover with soft tartan flannel.

The pillowcase my sister made with my new favorite fabric in the whole wide world - a red grid on chambray. I found it when I was combing through Gramma Alice's inventory for Milo's quilt and immediately begged for it. No idea where it came from, but if I ever find out where, I'm buying the bolt! It would make so many cute shoes, a cape, a picnic blanket, more pillows...I'd put it on everything.

apron hook nook

Living room is next! We rearranged furniture after 2 and a half years of the same old routine. It's so much more spacious now. Once I get it properly painted I'll be better able to paint that 3-panel canvas. Always something to do!

So there you have it - a space that now brings me even greater joy. It feels very English to me - not the Scottish I had envisioned, but I love it.

Cheers to making beautiful spaces.

Heather Hallmakeovers