Milo | 6 Months

Happy Half Birthday, Milo!

We're so lucky to have had you for six months already.
Here's to another 6 and beyond!

A note from Milo

I roll. And roll. And roll.
I get nibbled on all day long by my favorite gals - Mama and Alice.
I love to smile. I'll smile at just about any crazy thing you feel compelled to do.
And my winning, charming smiles can turn you into a puddle of goo in 1 second flat.
My favorite moments of the day are eating, falling asleep and snuggling mommy, getting squished by my sister (it makes me laugh so much!), finding a really great thing to drool or chew on, and flying on Mama's legs.
I love to grab fistfuls of mama's hair and pulllllll - and taste it. Especially taste it.
Speaking of mama's hair, I love it when she gathers a little bit of it and brushes it around my face and between my fingers like she's painting me. I get all still and eager.
I'm a real crank when I'm tired or hungry - but who isn't?
I nap for varied lengths just to keep mama on her toes - I'm a man of mystery.
I started sampling food. I've been sitting at the dinner table since day one with my grownups, and now they let me taste what they eat.
My toots are adorable.
I drool on people like its my job.
I wish I could be a baby koala and live on someone.
I talk and jabber and squeal and shriek!
I miss mama so much at night I get up 3 or 4 times so she can come hold me - I know she misses me, too. Plus, have you ever heard of second supper??? And even third and fourth supper? It's awesome being me.
Bath time is the best. I love having water poured on me. But I can't wait to get bigger so I can take a bath with sister - bath party!
When I sit on my throne, I can knock anything over in a 2 foot radius. Mama's water bottle is a great fascination of mine.
Daddy takes me for lots of walks around the house when I need soothing. He knows just what I like.
Daddy also rubs his ginger whiskers on my belly to get a laugh. They're so prickly and tickle-y!
I like this family of mine. I think I'll stay ;)

We sure do love you, Milo. Littlest One. Mister Master Milo.
You're the sweetest little man in my life.