SIFTED | Makeover

SIFTED got a makeover!

Just in time for its second birthday, too!! I've been developing a new brand for my photography and fine arts business with a graphic designer out of Denver, and also a new logo for my blog. Eek!!! Now I can dress up any photo from my giant image inventory and lend a new look to my space. What do ya think?! I probably have 3 dozen of these gems just waiting to be rotated in. Thank you to Audrey Elise of Rickety Robot for making this vision a reality! And an even bigger thanks to my IT husband who has been patiently helping me code and organize the site.

I also spent some time reorganizing posts so it is now easier to find entries. Might have gotten a little carried away with the "M" theme, but I love it and hope you will, too. Tricky ones: Menu = recipes, Masterpieces = photography & artwork, and Mulch = gardening. Those last 2 took me a while to figure out.

Cheers and have fun browsing around!

Heather Hallmakeovers