Alice Quotes | Year 2

After reading through Alice's journal from the last year, these are some of my favorite things that came out of her mouth and imagination...

"Let's make a panda bear sandwich."
"Mama, can you help me find the devious monkeys?"
"Would you make me a burrito?...and hold me?"
(In reference to Christmas music) "This song makes me happy."
"I saw a bee last morning, and daddy hold me, and it wanted to shake my hand."
"Daddy, you are my gentleman."
"Run for your lives!"
"I'm a quizzabee." (frisbee - no idea how she got "quizzabee" out of "frisbee")
"When I was big, that was my combine last year" while pointing to a great big John Deere harvester
"Look at these boogers...ta-da!!!"
Alice's story to JD one evening: "Once upon a time there was a daddy. And then there were dinosaurs! So I held him. And then there weren't any dinosaurs. So I pushed you down! Then I pushed you up. And then the dinosaurs came back. Theeeeeeeeee End."
"A puffet mix!" ??? No idea.
"I'm the tallest girl in the world!"
To herself as she built a slide out of couch cushions and pillows: "This is my awesome, amazing something!" Climb on top of mound. "It seems a little scary. But I am brave. I am strong. Weeee!!!"
"Hey! No teasing! Cause you're my mother bear. And I'm your little bear."
Alice, cozying up to me at my desk as I open a fresh bar of chocolate: "I love chocolate, you know."
To daddy, when he came home from work: "Daddy, would you come be with me?"
Upon giving Alice the dried cherries from my granola: "Mama, you are so kindful."

In the middle of the night, you woke up crying "I don't want my blanket to be square!!!" 
A few nights later you cried til daddy came in and then you sat up and said, "I want a fist bump."

When leaving the Volvo dealership, JD went to get Alice out of the play room and told her it was time to leave, to which she screamed most stubbornly: "Don't steal me! Let me go!! You're hurting me!" It was a mix of horror and comedy. Where did she even learn that? I mean, I'm glad she knows those phrases, but luckily the people saw us bring her. We still got funny looks.

Me: "Alice, please don't draw on Milo. Drop the crayon."
Alice: (red crayon hovering inches above his head): "But it's just pretend!"

Me: "How was your adventure?"
Alice: "The penguins tried to steal my magnifying glass."

Alice: "I'm getting married."
Me: "Who are you going to marry?"
Alice: "Me!" (like, "of course!")

Me: "Alice, you have my nose."
Alice, frantically grabbing her own nose and looking very concerned: "I can't get it off, Mama. You can't have it back!"

Alice: "I'm drawing a secret, Mama. And a ping and a pong and a ying and a yong."
Me: "What's a yong?"
Alice: "It's a zong," you say. Of course.

Me: "Alice, why do you keep eating your books?"
Alice: "I'm making them real."

Me: "Alice! Don't throw your eggs on the floor!!"
Alice: "But mama, I'm trying to make them reeeeeaaaaal." Still no idea.

Alice: "Mama, what are you wishing about?"
Me: "I'm wishing for beautiful music, a relaxing moment, and reading this lovely book. What are you wishing about?"
Alice: "I'm wishing about me rake. SSSSS. And shobel. So I can get big someday."

After twirling and hopping and romping around the kitchen...
Alice: "Mama, you can be a ballerina someday!"
Me: "Oh, thank you! You can, too!!"
Alice: "No, Mama, I'm already a ballerina."
Of course you are.

Oh, Alice, you crack me up. Every day.
I sure do love you.