Milo | 8 Months

I crawl! Yep - I'm really movin' now. I can get anywhere I want to go. Sometimes I bear crawl. Depends on my mood.
I have a new throne at the dining room table! The High Chair.
I've eaten sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, blueberries, and peaches. I mostly just like to taste things and let them run down my chin. Except for carbs. I love carbs. I make sure that goes to my belly. And ice cream. Thanks, Mama, for keeping me good and full with milk all day!
I love to play with balls. Rolling them. Bouncing them. Chasing them. Smiling at them.
And clapping. Clapping is the best.
I will put anything in my mouth. Especially your hair.
I'm kind of obsessed with stairs and cords. Mama found me on the third stair the other day and that was that. I've been denied access until further notice. But I'm always scheming...
I love to grab sister's hair. And mommy's. And anyone's that is close to me. You've been warned.
I love it when mommy sings me "You are my sunshine" - it makes me happy immediately.
I crinkle my nose just like mommy when I smile.
Being a ginger is awesome. Did you know it provides a complimentary color scheme to my oh-so-handsome blue eyes? It does.
My big sister likes to squat behind me, wrap her arms around my torso, then lift me up, carry me around, and deposit me gently on the floor somewhere. Although, the first time wasn't gently, but mama taught her after that how to set me down nicely.
I bonk my head into things all the time. But I'm pretty resilient. Bruises are my only accessory.
Daddy is my hero and I love when he comes home. He makes the house smell like coffee and flies me on his legs. I want to be just like him someday.
I say "mamamamamamamamama" when I want mama to come get me.
Mommy and I have tickle/giggle/rolling fits after bath time on the big bed. It's one of my favorite times of the day.
I get pretty cranky about 2 hours after I wake up in the morning, so I like to snooze for a morning nap and re-energize all my creative juices. Then I go, go, go! and power down for another break in the afternoon.
I love to stand. I can pull myself up on just about anything, but my favorite is walking. Give me your hands and watch me go!
My smiles are still gummy - no teeth yet, which is just fine with me!

Milo, you are such a charming little prince.
You are tough and loving and the most glorious little boy. I can't get enough of your smiles and rolls and babble. Can you stay this size for a while?

Love love love you,