Allie & Eric | To Have & To Hold

A couple of months ago, me and my little family celebrated the gender reveal of my friend Leah's baby. At the party was a former co-worker of hers from the Latino Center of the Midlands who was from Argentina of all places! God is so fun like that. We had a lovely time chit chatting and reminiscing about our time there, and when she learned that I was a freelance photographer, she gathered my information to give to another coworker whose daughter was soon to be married but still overseas. 

I met up with Socorro - the mother of the bride - at Panera one fine afternoon where we talked for almost two hours in Spanish and realized we were "gente del corazon" (and definite kindred spirits) and not only was I to capture the day, but they wanted me and my husband to be there to celebrate at the reception as well. We were so honored by this request, and for me it added another beautiful layer to an already special event.

Normally I don't consider myself to be a wedding photographer, but I have to say, this turned out to be a stunning gallery of images. One of the things I've learned that I love about weddings is that everything is beautiful. Everything has been carefully attended to and thought over and chosen. Every detail matters. Everyone looks their best, and the bride - well, the bride is a glorious sight to behold. Thoughtful promises, a well-laid table, dancing, laughing and's joyous. Usually I don't accept many weddings due to the stress that accompanies them (talk about pressure - if any part of my camera failed, that's it! No rescheduling!!), but this one was just not the case. Theirs was a small affair at a restaurant, laid back and fun. After a short ceremony, I was given over 45 minutes with the couple while the guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks. Outside were some lovely grasses we took advantage of and nearby a colonnade of fall-kissed trees for us to stroll through. With golden sunlight streaming through and their hearts pouring through their smiles, we made photo magic.

And now the rest is history. Alejandra and Eric have chosen each other and promise to love each other til they reach the other side of eternity. Both in the Air Force, their personalities are light, playful, and brimming over with adventure. And you guys - Eric's eyes were so worshipful of his new bride, I couldn't help but swoon over how clearly he adores her. The way he looked at her was honestly the most romantic, but subtle, show of affection I've ever seen. For him, I think no other woman exists.

Allie and Eric, thank you for inviting me to document the start of your new life together. Thank you for allowing me any my own love to celebrate your marriage. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your family. I am so excited to see where your adventures take you and how God blesses you. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and creating beautiful images for you to hold on to throughout the years.

Enjoy :)


un beso

to have and to hold



"May I have this dance?"

the only girl in the world


You guys. The colors, Allie's beautiful back, the light, the way their fingers barely's all too wonderful for words!


tippy toes

a new adventure

God speed, you two.

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