Milo | Year One

Milo, my little sir with the deep blue eyes, fiery hair, eight teeth, mischievously devious smile, and ever-ready little man who tells me "hi" when I open his door in the morning and wants to snuggle first thing...who starts tickle fights and rough housing and all manner of hullabaloo...who loooooves giving head butts and big, wet open-mouthed little Master Milo who builds towers and picks up toys and says "uh-oh" after purposely throwing food off of his tray...who comes to me and burrows his head in my hair and neck when he is hurt or scared or tired...who sprints through rooms and scales stairs and squeals with delight over just about anything...

Milo, happy first birthday.

I love you.



p.s. how on earth has it been a whole year since this happened???

I still remember how cold and bitter our walk was to the hospital in the dead of night. An intense couple of hours that has lead to an intense love for our little Milo.

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