The Ward Family | Fall 2015

Last year, JD and I took a Bradley class in Bellevue while pregnant with Milo and had the privilege of befriending Lauren and Cassandra who were pregnant with their little nugget, Romy. We shared our roller-coaster birth experiences and continued to encourage each other after our wee ones were in our arms and now I get to document their little family one year later. So sweet! Romy, do you know how loved you are? So glad I finally got to capture those eyes and smiles :)

Side note: two days ago, Cassandra was able to legally adopt Romy. *teary eyed!* They have fought more than anyone else I know to be family. Meet the Wards - all three

Lauren and Cassandra, I hope you love a few of my favorites. Narrowing down the selection was hard. So so soooo many amazing ones!


that face!

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