Julianna Adrada | Senior '16

Oh. My. Word.

I think Julianna just convinced me that I need to break into the senior photo market. Or maybe I just need to use her as a model more frequently? Either way, it was a photographers's dream to wander around with such a beautiful face and shy but warm soul for an hour to make photo magic.

And the colors - the rich rusty reds of the brick, the vivid velvet hue of her lipstick...perfection. I love how the waves of her hair mimic the undulating leaves behind her in shots, and how her grunge-meets-pin up aesthetic totally illuminates her reserved but ready-to-laugh personality. (And p.s. these new VSCO presets are killing me - the grainy, old-school quality perfectly compliments this whole shoot!)

Julianna, you are truly lovely inside and out and I look forward to collaborating with you again someday soon! I'm thinking coffee and music will be involved.

Hope you love a few (dozen ;D - how can you pick?!!) of my favorites...


double dare you


Can't decide which smile I like best :)

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