Lindsay & Ian | A Wedding

First there was Kendra, then there was Jeni, and now it is time for Lindsay.

Three of my closest college friends have now tied the knot, and I have had the great privilege and joy of documenting their big days. I got to be intimately involved in those - sometimes crazy, sometimes sweet, and always special - moments that make up the celebrations where they pledge to stick it out with and to each other - thick or thin, hell or high water. It's not just romantic, but real. Life is full of hard stuff but when you know someone is committed to doing life with you, it's a little more bearable and a lot more enjoyable. And now all three of my pals have their companions - the other half of their team.

A glimpse into the personalities of the bride and groom? Ian is super laid back, and even though he has a tough exterior, he completely worships Lindsay. He couldn't have picked a better gal, because Lindsay is the epitome of go-with-the-flow and together they are happy and mellow - basically the kind of people you want to hang out with all the time.

Lindsay's day was particularly adventure-filled because it was just outside of Chicago and would hence mark my first night away from Milo (freedom!) in addition to a plane ride, college friend fun, and getting to do what I love most. I packed my new Langly bag with gear, this dress, a few essentials, and kissed my little family goodbye at the airport. JD was on full-out daddy-duty for 27 hours straight and I was gypsying away to find my college bestie Jeni waiting for me at the terminal so we could catch up all the way there and be greeted by Kendra and Josh who joined in the catching up and escorted us from the airport to Rockford.

Once we arrived at Cliffbreakers, we readied ourselves and began documenting the occasion, the looks, the laughs, and the love.

(And dancing. Always dancing.)

It was a whirlwind escapade, and such a riot!

Lindsay and Ian, I am so excited for your new life together :D


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