Baby Bump + Belly Laughs | The Heuton Family

Where do I even start with this family??? They are a riot! Such love and such warmth - it's the real deal here, folks.

A few months ago, Kandi reached out to me about helping to decorate the nursery, which turned into a blossoming friendship, house-wide purging sweep, better layout and organization, and then finally, the pulling together of the nursery. What a whirlwind of preparing for Baby Heuton No. 3!

Kandi, you are the kindest, most gentle-natured go-with-the-flow gal, and I am so blessed to call you friend. Enjoy some of my favorites from our (below freezing!) shoot last weekend!

beautiful mama

belly laughs

This is

the real

 Kandi - always smiling!


More in love than ever and ready for their third rodeo.

Oh, Henry

Of course while waiting in the van for his turn, Henry managed to turn all of his clothes inside out and backward...which meant a very chilly wardrobe change!


Henry's faces are the best!



Oh, Baby, you are so loved.

Hannah + Mommy

Congratulations, you FIVE!

So excited for you :D

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