Best of 2015 | You

Another awesome year is in the books!

Each year continues to catapult me forward as I advance my skills both behind the lens and in post-processing, build relationships and take new clients, and master better gear.

When I look back at where I was in 2014, I think to myself 

"It's so much better now.


so much better now."

I hope I echo a similar sentiment when I look back at 2015 from the vantage point of next December.

In the last year I've upgraded my camera body and lens, gained serious knowledge of my editing software, figured out my style, read textbook upon photography textbook, written blog posts, worked with a graphic designer on my logos, firmed up the niches I want to dominate, and have begun dreaming about my ideal client. With all of this, and the support of my little family, I'm ready to dive into the adventures of 2016!

Allow me to share my Top 50 photos of


 from 2015...

Enjoy :)

Which ones are your favorite?

Drop me a line if you want me to tell your story :D

Here's to more amazing photos in 2016!!!

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