Pistachio | Studio Tour


Once upon a time, there were two sisters who couldn't be any more different, but loved each other fiercely.

That's us!

Charging into year two, my darling little sister Lyndsay is cultivating her company Pistachio, crafting swoon-worthy luxury items for babes and their mamas. Alice and Milo were Aunt Lynnie's fortunate beneficiaries of said talents for quite a spell, and now with bigger dreams, deft skill, spirited gumption, and a mighty dash of perservearance, Lyn has built and expanded her inventory of wares to include not only her signature au courant bibs, but gorgeous travel changing pads, luxe tag blankets, sweet fabric crowns and more! After scouring the depths of Etsy and the Internet, you truly won't find her mix of fabrics, ribbons, and snaps anywhere else. Her aesthetic is steered by the seasons, but on the whole you can count on equal parts bold, J Crew-esque color palettes courting the ultra-soft down of a flokati rug.  Sumptuous.

As her Creative Director (doesn't it feel so official when there are capital letters involved?), I get to help generate ideas, suggest color combinations, design the logo, craft the feel and lexicon of the messaging, and play photographer. Basically, I get to have a hand in all of the fun stuff.

And as sister, photographer, and fellow artist, I am so thrilled to be able to share a glimpse into Lyn's studio. This is her calm, her chaos, and just plain hers. It's earthy and lovely and inspiring...and is exactly where all of her fabulous goodies are made.

Lyndsay, I am mightily proud of you for chasing your dreams and pinning them down.

Without further adieu - enjoy :)

Heather Hall