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"So I know this place..."

I love Kyle and Annie. They're always willing to go along with my shenanigans...and add their own ;) This year after The Best Moscow Mules In The World - courtesy of our bartender Kyle (we know how to kick off family photos) - we set out to find the elusive sumac tunnel, hoping to eliminate the 10 minute hike it usually takes me to get there. We struck gold, parked in a neighborhood and only had to walk a minute, saving us time and muddy shoes. wanted to rain on our parade with thunderstorms and clouds, but the day was all sunshine and color. The sumac was fiery and striking; a beautiful backdrop for some family time and giggles. Levi and Olivia swatted each other with branches (Olivia won), mommy and daddy got some alone time, and they all took turns in front of my camera. 

One of my favorite photos from this session started as what I thought was a big fail. The leaves blew directly in front of my romantic couple just as I snapped and I worried that the color and light would ruin it. Au contraire! It has a deliciously film-esque look that I absolutely adore and so here it is in the highlight reel. 

Kyle and Annie, I love you so much and I hope you enjoy my favs!



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