Best of Ours | 2016

"I bet you cannot believe that I just got back from the hotdog dance!" - Alice
"Maaaamaaaa!" guiltily sprints to me "...Allysss hit me frrrst." - Milo

Never a dull moment with these two! Milo has grown from baby to playmate and constant shadow, and Alice has gone from big sister to commander-in-chief. Her delegating skills and talent for negotiation have become highly clever and developed as of late, and Milo is fond of bonking her when he feels like it and then running and screaming for dear life, seeking asylum in my lap in fear of just retaliation. For the most part they are happy to play together agreeably, well, so long as they're both getting their way, which is...less often than more :) (Keep up with us at KINDREDSTORY.CO!)

There's no doubt about it - I love being their mama, and I love catching sweet moments. Here are my very favorites of Alice & Milo in 2016...

Heather Hall