Printed Products Your Photographer Loves

As a business owner, I like to keep things simple. Slim calendar. Minimal gear. Streamlined services. I love becoming friends with my clients, catching them in the most beautiful and real way possible, refining their images in post processing, sharing their best with the world and delivering a stunning gallery that takes their breath away. Beyond that, the rest is work. Everything I just mentioned is a whole lot of play for me. It is hard work, but it feels like play. 

Printing is something I read a lot about in photography magazines. How to increase your sales. What products to offer. Help clients choose and install their pieces. And every time I read about offering printing services I think "RUN AWAY!" Luckily, most of my clients are like me - not interested in dropping thousands of dollars on custom frames and arrangements. They have an eye. They know how to look for deals. Really, they know what they like and they don't need me to hold their hands to turn their gallery into decor.

So, for my tribe who loves beautiful images but wants to do things their own way, this post is for you. There is incredible value in printing your pictures - actually putting them on walls and pages to remember magical moments. 

This is a little cache of my favorites - the printed products I love as a professional photographer and homemaker. 


1. Hardcover Books from Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is the best in quality and artistry. When I want to document a large inventory of images, I go with their books. I make them as gifts for wedding clients, friends and family, or my own doings. (Full blog post on the Italy book I created here.) Cloth bound with a velvety matte dust jacket, each page is framed in a sharp white editorial border and makes your stash of pictures a volume to covet for life. For those who value craftsmanship, durability and aesthetics, you're going to want to make your next book here.


(Their tiny softcover books are cute, too! This one was free during a promo.)


2. Engineer Prints from Parabo Press

These prints cover. If you want large scale and visual impact, you're going to want to check out these 3 feet x 4 feet wonders. At $25 a pop, I can afford to swap it out semi-annually for a change of scenery and not put a big dent in my wallet. The paper is thin but true in color. They aren't made to last generations and don't belong in the same sentence as "archival," but as far as cash-meets-coverage is concerned, they're my go-to for changing a space. Can your Target throw pillow do that?


3. Standard prints from Shutterfly

A few times a year I send for new 8x10s to freshen up my frames. While Shutterfly is not in the same league as Artifact Uprising, they are darn good prints, true to color and affordable. Shutterfly always has a million promo codes to boot, so you never pay full price. 


If you know you're going to be printing soon, subscribe to that company's email list and keep an eye on promotions and deals. Even 20% off or free shipping can be a boon when it comes time to order.

Thanks for reading, Tribe! What do you like to print and from where?

Happy printing...


Heather Hall