Cady | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Senior Session


“Wait, wait, wait, there’s a mosquito. Okay, swing your hair around one more time. Promise it’s the last. Oh, but be careful of the poison ivy!”

Are we sure we like nature?

Cady was such a stalwart sport, totally at home in the ever-changing landscape that is Desoto. Despite enemy insects and dangerous flora, Cady persevered beautifully. She is so full of quiet light, and the fields of sunflowers and white blooms were all ours, gently reflecting back to Cady her own sweet spirit.

Favorite things? THAT BLUE DRESS. Tipping back a vintage soda bottle in a bath of warm sunlight. Stepping into looking glass-still water. All those happy yellow sunflowers.

Cady, it was so fun having you in front of my camera. Thanks for inviting me to capture you and that sweet soul of yours.