Callie | Lifestyle Portrait Photography


“Ms. Heather…”

Those two words are the beginning of many of my favorite conversations, issued by a most singular personage whose fiery hair matches a quick wit and deep heart.

Callie began as my first art pupil and then became one of the dearest people in the world to me. Somewhere in the middle of drawing and jokes and sharing life, this little vessel bubbling over with ideas and humor turned into a friend, and I couldn’t have asked for a more endearing charge.

While she no longer wears panda stocking caps or superhero garb (Justice League!), she’s still spicy and charming and different and altogether…Callie.

This is the first photograph I ever took of Callie over six years ago. Observe: she rocks emerald like no one else.

Callie, you mean the world to me. I loved those years I got to have you here with “Baby Alice” - time to mull over all things important or trivial and make good art. This life is about people, and I’m so happy our lives got woven together. You are someone I can truly say is beautiful both inside and out. An hour and a half was not enough time to play with a camera and a gown, but I think we nailed it. Hope you love this snippet of my favorites of my favorite!

All my love, “Ms. Heather”