Derek & Elena | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Romance

Eucalyptus stems to hold. Prairie grass to laugh & dance through. Memories to reminisce over. A tryst to keep. Sometimes you've just got to get away and revel in romance, and for Derek & Elena, this secret retreat was just the thing. No longer newlyweds, they were ready for an escape through the forest, tangling limbs and touching lips as they went.

After they were married, they received a most exquisite wooden box from their wedding photographer - Jaimee Morse - thoughtfully filled with decadent chocolate, champagne, a sensual candle the scent of ripe peach and prosecco, and Polaroids and prints of their wedding day. All in all, a package of old memories to make new ones. As dusk fell and fireflies lit the shadow's edges, Derek and Elena settled in for a twilit picnic, toasting to their love and remembering the beginning. And every glance he gave her said "I adore you."

To the couple who can't keep their eyes - and hands - off of each other, cheers to you and your beautiful love!

xoxo - Heather