DEREK X ELENA | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Romance


A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane or two (well, hobbled at least) and went to visit one of my dearest friends in this world, Elena. She and hubby Derek were the ultimate hosts, taking me on a tour of their amazingly artistic city - Columbus, OH - and revealing all the gems of their home in German Village. YOU GUYS. The adorable brick houses with equally adorable front porches, everyone out and about, the trees bursting with was heaven. But more about Columbus (read: Fox in the Snow) another time.

For now, I want to share some favs from the couple of shoots we did! Aren't they the sweetest pair? Going to rule the world someday.

Being around them is simply smile-inducing, and I didn't hardly have to prompt them! - they just do their thing and it's all heart eyes. Everything from Elena's dress catching the wind to their playful chemistry. Just magic. 

Derek and Elena, thank you for being my friends and for taking such good care of me! Hope you love these...