Ellie | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Senior Session

Once upon a time, there was a ballerina come to life, and her name was Ellie. She danced here and there and everywhere, bestowing all who saw her with beauty and grace. 

Last year, Ellie was my dance model and I was thrilled when we began chatting this summer about her senior session. (Former shoots together here, here & here.) Having already captured her as a dancer, we wanted to catch those other fun aspects of her personality. Her color and humor and things that make her light up.

We started our adventure (because it really is) in downtown Blair where Ellie slurped an electric blue ice cream cone comically quick. The heat mercilessly sped up our efforts, blue spatters running down her arms catching on the pavement (and toes!) below, creating a Jackson Pollock-style painting on the sidewalk. Ellie smelled like cotton candy by the end of it :)

After cleaning up we rolled over to The Depot - Blair's old train station - to have fun in a little white dress, red hot heels, and the freedom of a lifetime pent up for new horizons. While I don't normally do "cutesie," I loved the added layer of meaning in these as Ellie gets closer to flying the nest, making her own new start in life. 

We then made our way out to DeSoto - our own local National Wildlife Refuge - to experience prairie, shore and water. The clouds rolled in, giving us the perfect soft light and lent a moody quality to our playtime. Ellie's off-the-shoulder lilac blouse was perfect with denim as she walked along the sand. 

After getting soaked in the water, we dried off and headed to a few more spots where we frolicked and enjoyed the scenery.

A little Blake Lively. A little Kate Moss. A little America's Sweetheart. All Ellie Myers.

Ellie, as always, it is such a pleasure getting to have in you front of the camera. I hope you love this sneak peek of my favorites!