En Pointe | Part II

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” 
―Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome back to my three-part series on the beauty of dance! Normally, dance equates to grace, elegance and costly fabrics, so this time I set out to juxtapose silken pointe shoes with rough concrete; fluid lines with a graphic urban backdrop. Something a little more Alvin Ailey than Balanchine. Instead of Ellie donning the more formal attire of a tutu, we went denim cut-offs and cut-out top, then black jeggings paired with a sleeveless scarlet number. Her visage more aligned with our setting, any grace we captured was truly from her movements and composure - no dainty dance-facade to hide behind here.

I particularly love this set because Ellie not only captures grace, but power. Legs for days and the muscles to move them. There are a few moments that stand out for me - en pointe and turning to see me at just the right moment - hair swinging, eyes locked on. The only black and white here that belongs in VOGUE. Stretching on a meter. Tip-toes balancing away from me but turning back to the camera with just her countenance, arms delicately away from her body. Ellie, brava. You performed beautifully.

To those tuning in, enjoy a lively set of images from Part II of my dance series...

(Part I here)