Fall Tea | Styled

Kettle is on. Vanilla Maple tea fragrances the air. Cloudy light filters through the window. Gifted scarlet mums wink merrily at me...

...It's the perfect day for a stylized shoot! My protoge, Miss Anna of Jackson Street, comes on Tuesday mornings and we vacillate between critiquing/culling/editing and styling whilst sipping warm things and sharing life. This particular Tuesday we wandered into the kitchen in search of some new tea from our local tea shop (Our Specialtea) and decided we would make an event of it!

We foraged around the house for things Alice and Milo had collected - acorns, pinecones, a feather from a nature walk - and I raided my hutch for my grandmother's harvest tea cup, a darling pot, and a new little vessel I picked up at the rummage sale for sugar. 

Arranged on rustic benches The Mister made out of reclaimed deck wood, we styled to our heart's and eye's content and took turns shooting and rearranging.

Below are my absolute favorites from our artistic endeavors and I am so in love with them!

Happy Fall, friends, and make time for a cuppa...

(And Pin away!)