The Hambidge Family | Lifestyle Family Photography


I'm not sure how 365 days can go so quickly, but Beckham at a full year of age with his startling baby blue eyes has proven to me that it'll take your breath away. Just last fall I was taking pictures of him with mama in the nursery, fresh in the world. (Full lifestyle newborn session here.)

Big brother Liam has grown inches and even cuter ! Liam has one of the kindest, most gentle dispositions I have ever come across and I cherish his sweet soul. Each of those dimples and eye lashes holds more goodness than most people can muster in their lifetime. He took joy in everything we did, from tossing leaves to wearing his brand new cowboy boots - just like daddy's. Liam is definitely a kindred spirit despite his being the ripe old age of five. 

Mommy and daddy got to spend a little time together alone while the boys rolled around on a nearby blanket. Liam made sure Beckham didn't escape while mommy and daddy slow danced a little and whispered silly things. Makes the best smiles!

Rachel and Craig, I know we only had 20 minutes together, but it's amazing how much we can really capture in so little time! 

Thank you for letting me catch your family as they grow :)