Inside Look | Fashion Designer Alesha Johnson (featuring Alice)

Swish. Hop. Laugh. Sip. Read. Twirl.

These are the instructions little Alice the Model (AKA my progeny and sassafras) got on the set of our photoshoot for Alesha Johnson's latest pieces in her upcoming children's line. "Smile at the camera?" Not a chance. Alice has an aversion to basic photography tasks like that, but man can the girl wiggle and giggle! So we worked with what we got, which was perfectly suited to our purposes.

Alesha is a friend of mine and is currently studying fashion design at UNL. She reached out a few months ago about potentially using Alice as a model, so I gave her Alice's measurements and awaited the day she was ready.

Once set, I offered my photography services, and Alesha - accompanied by her mom Angela (we're all creative kindred spirits!) - met at my home to talk vision, actions, accessories and props. Then we packed up the little lady to head over to our set - Elena's lovely loft at Central Court - which was the perfect airy backdrop for Alesha's creations. (Thanks, friend! I've literally used your loft at least half a dozen times.)

A peachy-pink satin pleated dress with aqua & royal blue geode embellishments. A smoky gray pleated midi skirt with the loveliest sheen. And pockets. Pockets I tell you! Absolutely divine...

Alice adorned herself and then for the next two hours (such a champ!) she played and had a jolly time in front of the camera whilst Angela and I documented and directed. 

I love the ones of Alice swishing her dress, reading stories, daintily holding her tea cup, sorting pretty rocks in a bowl (the reflections!), and my absolute favorites of all...twirling and laughing with Alesha. Melts my heart! Model & Designer, happy as clams :)

Alesha, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your beautiful work, and cheers to all of the pretty pieces still to come!

Enjoy a Q&A to learn a little bit more about our designer:


Q: Can you tell me a little bit about this line and what inspired you to create pieces for children? What was your inspiration?

A: This collection is inspired by rocks, in particular geode and agate. I am entranced by the juxtaposition between hard, chunky edges and layers of colors and crystal.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to pursue fashion design?

A: I realized that I wanted to study fashion design after my first collection in Omaha Fashion week, the summer before my senior year of high school. I loved the challenge and consider it a slightly more approachable form of art. 

Q: Now that you have been studying fashion design for a few years, what are the biggest lessons you've learned? 

A: One of the biggest lessons I've learned has been that although the mistakes are frustrating, they are the absolute best way to learn. Sometimes I use my seam ripper more than my sewing machine, but next time it is easier.

Q: What projects are you most excited about? 

A: I'm very excited about starting into childrenswear and my new line of custom illustrations!

Q: What is your favorite pick me up?

A:  Either reading a book with my cat Marmalade and drinking Chai, or watching Gilmore Girls with my mom and trading quippy remarks. 

Q: Are there any new things we can look forward to from you?

A: Keep an eye out for my custom illustrations and possibly accessories!

Q: Where can people learn more about you and your work? 

A: Check me out at Alesha Beth Couture on Facebook and YouTube


Thanks, Alesha! Now enjoy our favorite daring darling in Alesha's sublime satin pleats...

Heather Hall