Jackie & Zack | Intimate Wedding | Omaha, Nebraska

We were together. I forget the rest.
— Walt Whitman

It was a warm September morning, still summer and lively. When I arrived at Jackie & Zack's, I was greeted by Mabel, a beautiful husky full of sass and self-confidence. She approved of me and my cameras, and then we got started with important things...coffee. The two brewed and sipped, adding caffeine to their wedding jitters as we moved around their old home (a lifestyle photographer's dream).

The day would be simple and intimate. Fifteen guests, a courtyard ceremony minutes away, champagne in the dining room, letters on the bed, cocktails and a curated menu at a local favorite. I loved the closeness of it, only the most important, only the most essential.

My favorite moments were taking a breather after the ceremony up in their room where they exchanged hand-written love letters, holding each other close. Some romantic shots getting ready...er...getting un-ready. Resting on the stairs. Dancing at the bar. Everything was thoughtful, small, special. I felt like I had the VIP pass.

I'm convinced these are the only types of weddings I want to shoot now :)

Jackie and Zack, you spoiled me for all others! Congrats to you in your continuing love story, and thank you for inviting me to glimpse such a special page in it. Cheers!