Joanna | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Senior Session

Rain. Lots of rain.

The clouds threatened our playtime, so Joanna and I had to duck into a downtown doorway to kick off our session. But you know what? Sometimes those trials make the best photos. We embraced the moodiness and started despite the storm and soon enough it let up to allow us to continue making beautiful art.

The puddles at the Blair basketball court made fantastic reflections and added an unexpected artistic element we wouldn't have had if it hadn't poured. So Joanna shot free throws and made layups, splashing across the purple cement with joy. Then we hopped over to catch a little of what Joanna does best - own the fields with her glove and precision. 

She knew of a bridge - an exciting new local secret for me - and we played there awhile before heading over to the Hunt Estate to watch the sun go down on the spent clouds. 

Joanna, you are such a gentle, beautiful soul and it was a pleasure to have in front of the camera! I hope you love a few of my favorites...