The Lauritsen Family

It's not every day your clients want to jump into a pool - fully clothed - for the grand finale of their photoshoot, but make a splash they did! This family is such a riot - so affectionate and spontaneous. You know when you're with them that you're going to have a good time. (I should know - I had the great privilege of growing up with them as childhood neighbors ;D)

We capitalized on the golden hour, sunlight streaming through the trees on their property, green hills rolling in the distance. It's a little slice of good ol' Nebraskan heaven.

To the Lauritsen Family - it was such a pleasure getting to capture your smiles and shenanigans again. I am blessed to call you friends and hope you love a few of my favorites from our time together the other night. Cheers to you and your fun family!

Heather Hall