To continue our epic adventure of eating our way through the Twin Cities, we started our second full day (see first full day here) at Glam Doll Donuts ordering the likes of "The Sweetheart" and "The Pinup Girl + Bacon" while taking in the delightfully pink 50's retro glam. Spectacular. 

We naturally had to chase our sugar down with coffee, so we went down the street to Spyhouse for lattes, but I was scolded by a barista for my camera (despite no signs to the contrary) and was told that only iPhone photos were allowed. It was such a shame, too, because their interiors were beautiful and very Harvard-library meets greenhouse. Despite the lovely backdrop, employees were lacking in charm and my honey lavender latte tasted like Spaghettios. Meh. 

But all of that faded away when we got to the MIA - The Minneapolis Institute of Art, where I could have easily gotten lost for days. The architecture of the building alone was jaw-dropping - sweeping staircases, a light-filled oculus, a view of the city skyline, parquet floors...oh, the grandeur! I did include close-up shots for a few pieces that really tugged at my heart strings - the mind-boggling pointillism of Seurat, the illuminated life-likeness of a Madonna figure's hands, "puffed sleeve" clouds over a painted dessert - my eye buds were blissfully happy.

Moving on reluctantly, we headed over to the Guthrie Theater to take in the sights of the river and mills that Minneapolis was built on. Oh the views! I didn't realize we were walking out onto a cantilevered extension permitting us such a perspective. Blue skies and sun made for a lovely time as we strolled along the various levels - a must-see for sure.

Blue Door Pub was our next destination, and my, can I just say "cheese curds"? Cheese curds. SO GOOD. Tater tots topped with buffalo chicken and blue cheese. Cider. Burgers. A crystal-wearing hipster waiter complete with curly mustache, gauges and vintage sweater. What's not to love?

Wishing for pillows instead of parks, we continued on our Minneapolis Must-See Adventure to Minnehaha Park and were glad we did. One, walking off mid-day booze and battered food is always a good idea, and two, it was stunning - despite the prom kid crowds. There was a lovely waterfall, sun dappled trails, a pergola path, and a boardwalk next to a little river where you could enjoy the wildlife and soothing sounds. Glorious afternoon!

Sufficiently restored, we set our thirsty path for a speakeasy, Foshay Tower's Prohibition Bar (even inhabited with a flapper-girl group), where we sipped expensive cocktails and played sun cats. I couldn't even tell you the deliciousness I ordered, but I do know I reached the bottom of it far too soon.

Last stop before night caps at Linosh? ICEHOUSE. More drinks. French fries. Live music. Did I say more drinks? One of the best meals of my life. It was hands down my favorite dining experience in MPLS. I ordered "Fried Chicken Drummies" of all things, and I don't think my taste buds have ever been more happy. Crispy skin, truffle honey and mashed was heaven. I'm still dreaming about that plate full of food. 

Another stellar day in the twin cities!