The Neufind Family | Lifestyle Family Photography

November is so different than October. October is a riot; showy almost in her extravagance. November though is far more subtle, hues rich and hidden. The pin oaks were some of the last trees holding onto their vibrancy before the cold comes, so that's where we played.

Alexis held a lovely rust colored violin and played a slow but beautiful Hot Crossed Buns. I love the voice and flavor of that instrument. It was a perfect little tune for our forest concert. She was shy but sure.

We caught a bit of Reagan's spirit there as well amidst the fiery leaves and towering trunks. Already a young woman, she was sweet and more importantly not too old to be silly with her little sister. I really liked that about her.

We ended in a copse of silvery green hedge, accompanied by the most amazing apples you've ever eaten, courtesy of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory -  a family favorite for treats. (I loved the Apple Pie one! Thanks for sharing with me, guys :D)

Nate and Nicole, I hope you love these photos of your beautiful family! What a special season in life.