Nora & Co.

Once upon a time a boy fell in love with a girl, and they got married and had three boys. Thirty years later, they laugh with their grown children...and the most darling baby in the world. This little lamb who happens to go by the name of 'Nora' sports cheeks and dimples that practically beg to be nibbled and her smiles are generous and contagious.

These photos are particularly special to me because the aforementioned "boy and girl" are George & Diane - my aunt and uncle who also serve as my godparents. What a lasting impression they have made - not only on me, but everyone whose lives they touch - as an example of steady, unconditional love to each other and joyful devotion to their Lord.

When they were married, Aunt Diane longed to wed at a lovely little chapel in Coryell Park, but alas, did not get to realize her dream. Last week, her wish came true in a small way: she and Uncle George renewed their vows at that longed-for chapel in the presence of their God and children; three decades of bliss, hardship, and everything in between on their road through life. 

As a gift, Tim & Lexi, Luke, and Michael Paul pitched in to give their parents a photoshoot to document such a special moment. (Isn't that the most thoughtful gift?!) And while we captured the love of decades, Nora naturally stole the show. Between sweet mama-baby moments and Nora wrapping the boys around her finger, we rambled around the picturesque park, enjoying golden light, warm air, and the camaraderie of brothers who still shove each other out of fraternal love :)

Uncle George and Aunt Diane, cheers to you! May God bless you and your household another 30 years and thank you for the legacy of wholeness, selflessness, and humor you are creating for generations to come.

Much love, Heather

p.s. Enjoy a sliver of my favorites...

p.p.s. Nora - that tongue!

Heather Hall