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"Three boys."


Mindy and I chatted about her family over coffee one stormy evening. Three boys, and all entirely different. The eldest at 13 - Cayden - has more wit than most adults I've encountered and the creative brain of an artist meet satirist. "I like to make fun of politics mostly, and anything else that catches my interest." Naturally, we had to capture his cleverness.

Next ringing in at 11 is Declyn, comedian and athlete. Whilst editing photos, it was his many faces that kept me laughing out loud. And a few years behind him is Gannon, a quiet personality with a penchant for finding creatures rapidly. Within the span of an hour he had caught a toad, some insects and a few other things. I found myself continually asking "Gannon, how did you find that so fast?!" He may be the youngest, but he can definitely hold his own with his bigger brothers. 

So we instigated rough housing, rope swinging and a few other shenanigans to catch them in all their usual facets of life. Mom and Dad even got a few shots alone - although Gannon created a rather stealthy grass screen to sneak in the background for some photo bombs. 

My absolute favorite photo is mama giving Gannon a kiss on the cheek...and Gannon clearly adoring it. Makes me heart melt every time!

Mindy, I hope you love these as much as I loved taking them! You have such a sweet, FUN family. Good luck wrangling those three - you've got your hands more than full!