Inside Look | Pistachio Winter '16

Twinkly lights. Gentle flurries. Cheery Christmas tunes. A sheepskin-lined sleigh. Happy, drooly baby cheeks. Perfectly sumptuous bibs.

The components of another awesome photoshoot with Pistachio! We enjoyed the most quintessential winter afternoon - snowflakes were just beginning to fall while we were sipping lattes and laughing, warm and happy inside.

Lyndsay - owner and creator of Pistachio - sewed together a few collections for the holidays, and they. Are. Gorgeous! "Merry & Bright" has the prettiest pops of fuchsia & turquoise as a spin on the more traditional red & green. "Yuletide Spirit" features beautiful heirloom-type patterns with the hallmark scarlet & pine - but with modern twists. (Think updated vintage.) "White Christmas" is a sweet pastel with creamy patterns and accents of periwinkle, peach, and mint. "Winter Forest" is marked with beautiful, leafy watercolor prints in bold hues of cobalt, ochre, and magenta. There's even her first ever set, featuring a bib, door latch cover, tag blanket, burp cloth, and two spit-up teardrop wipes that fit hands perfectly in a one-of-a-kind Arctic stone print. 

Our model this winter is the darling Evana. Those cheeks! Those eyes! Those dark curls! What a perfect little cherub for Pistachio's sweet bibs. Our top priority was keeping baby girl happy, so there were lots of milk breaks and mama cuddles. Our host Elena (thanks AGAIN friend!) even joined in the fun to coax out smiles and gazes. Thank you, Lyssa, for driving up from Lincoln on such short notice and sharing your precious sweetheart with us for the afternoon!

I love collaborating with other creatives! To the small business owners out there, this is what I can do for you. You need images to use on social media, your web presence and materials, and I can give you that. Lyndsay and I met beforehand to talk about her vision and logistics. We lined everything up, did a casting call for models, and shot an afternoon that would capture everything she would need for her seasonal line. She now gets to use these images on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and anything else necessary. You can do this, too! Check out my new small business package and let me know if you want to collaborate.

In the meantime, enjoy a tiny glimpse into our afternoon of Christmas cheer and Pistachio's Winter '16 line!