Tanya & Jeremy | A Family Story

Some family stories unfold happily and easily, and others unfurl slowly, more unexpectedly and sometimes with more hardship than we imagined. Tanya's and Jeremy's is of the latter variety, but nonetheless sweeter for all the sorrow; more precious for the pain. After a long and trying wait, they finally have a heartbeat to look forward to holding and that tiny soul is the most beloved in their world. They are happily creating a cozy nest for their little babe and eagerly awaiting the moment they can wrap their hearts around Baby Lee's pinky fingers. Big Sister Evey eagerly wags and waits, too, keeping her humans loved and licked.

Tanya and Jeremy, I can't tell you how joyful I am for you and that you will soon have in your arms everything you've so ardently hoped for. I'm praying for a healthy baby, healthy mama, and a happy introduction :)

While the wild, windy weather wouldn't cooperate for our orchard shoot, I adore this more intimate glimpse into the home you've created for your little darling.

Enjoy your new chapter and your sweet gallery to start it...


Did I mention Tanya is Russian and Jeremy is a doctor? So cute!

Heather Hall