Tasha X Adam | Lifestyle Portrait Photography


“So ... I've been playing with this idea in my head for a while and wanted your intake; what do you think of having our shoot in our home?”

Yes. Yes. YES, PLEASE! I love these people. They are my people.

And they had fur babies. Cue: absolute glee.

I’d been wanting to do a photoshoot with beloved companions for awhile now and the rainy October weather turned our romantic session homeward with all the benefits of easy wardrobe changes, intimate setting and those darling doggy eyes. What more could we ask for?

Favorites: Lady Audrey with her sweet Oreo face and graceful poise. (You know that quote from Despicable Me “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!”? Same reaction when holding this poof ball of love.) Wedding dress nostalgia. Lucy in a sweater. Tasha’s readiness to laugh. Adam’s to please. Cuddles on the duvet. Dreamy.

Tasha & Adam, happy two year anniversary! In lieu of a dozen roses, enjoy a dozen photos :)


Heather Hall