Tenley | Six Months | Lifestyle Family Photography

It's hard to believe how much babies grow. Six months ago, Tenley was tiny and fresh in the world, just getting used to the sunshine and feel of mamas arms (newborn photos here). Now she's the happiest baby with rolls for days and her joy is infectious. I got to carry her between locations and oh! Her giggles! Her smiles! Her squishy thighs!! Her baby smell!!! I couldn't stop nuzzling and nibbling her! I'm convinced happy, chubby babies release some sort of endorphin. Instead of pet therapy, they need Buddha baby therapy. Getting to hold her for a minute would turn any frown upside down. 

So for our joyous hour of Tenley, she rolled on blankets, played coy with the camera and contentedly palled around with mama. 

When culling and editing Tenley's photos, my face hurt so hard from smiling. I dare you to keep a straight face scrolling through these precious expressions.

Nichole, it was such a pleasure getting to love on your little girl and capture your sweet moments! Can't wait for the whole family this fall. Enjoy my favorites!