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This fall, I was asked to be on the search committee for our new senior pastor at Country Bible Church and while it was an honor, it was also hard. Ufda! But God gave us hope and strength and cleared the way to bring Andrew home as our shepherd. Aside from his obvious qualifications in leading, casting vision, preaching, encouraging, winning people to Jesus and genuinely caring for those around him, God also gave me dreams. I fully realize I sound like a crazy kook when I say that, but they were meaningful for me. For this particular forum, I'll share only one:

Wednesday morning, October 19th, Milo awoke me at 5:43 a.m. and I had just had a vision: the Anderson family standing in front of me in a field of grass at sunset smiling at me, and I was holding my camera, taking their family pictures. Four hours later I got the call that our Elder board announced Andrew as our candidate. One and a half weeks later, I stood in a field of grass at sunset in Blair, the Andersons smiling at me while I held my camera taking their family pictures. Déjà vu. Isn't God so good?!

This is just one page in my story - a tiny glimpse into the faithfulness I saw of God. I have never in my life bowed my knee and my heart so desperately before my God than this past fall, and He showed up. In big ways. Like, big ways. I will never forget just what God overcame and how powerful and tender He is toward us.

Church with a capital "C", what hope God has given us through Jesus Christ! And Country Bible Church, what hope God has given us with a Savior in Jesus and a pastor who points everyone he meets to our Savior. Andrew is fond of saying "life is short and Hell is hot and we've got a job to do, Church!" If you don't have a church to call home yet, come! But know that while you come, he's going to send you right back out to your mission fields so that more will know the great hope we have in Jesus!

If you're interested in learning a little more about the Anderson Family, enjoy a Q&A below and see the beautiful family God has given Andrew & Stacy - and us.


Q: What drew you to Blair/CBC in your search and what are you most excited about?

The things that drew me and my family to Blair, Nebraska and Country Bible Church are a culmination of a clear call and leading of God, the people from the community and the church, and the incredible potential we see for both life and ministry within the church and throughout the community. I was in the middle of interviewing with a few amazing churches and communities, however, there was an affinity for Country Bible Church and the people here that we quickly came to know and love that made our decision easier. When considering the possibilities of life and ministry within Country Bible Church, we felt that where the church is at and wants to go coupled with our experiences, passions, and calls to ministry made this an opportunity for a fitting and flourishing ministry.

With moving to Blair and Country Bible Church, we are most excited about getting acquainted with and beginning to build relationships throughout the community – from the church to the Blair schools and beyond, we are excited to get to do life and ministry with folks from Blair and the surrounding communities.

For me, I am very excited about working with an incredible staff and countless great leaders and volunteers to help realize God’s best for the church and community. I’m looking forward to dreaming about, praying through, and developing what God would have for us with regards to our MVP’S - or mission, vision, values, purpose, passion, and strategy. In other words, I’m looking forward to being a church on purpose, with a purpose, and for God’s purpose!

Q: What three words would you use to characterize the personality of your family?

I would have to say…passionate, loving, and committed.

Q: What one word describes each member of your family and why?

Andrew – “passionate”. I love life and it doesn’t take a lot for me to get excited or passionate in life and in ministry. 

Stacy – “intentional”. There isn’t much that Stacy does without giving it incredible thought first.

Autumn – “artistic”. Autumn is an incredibly creative mind blessed with the ability to bring that creativity to life through painting and drawing.

Kaedon – “athletic”. Kaedon enjoys soccer and has been afforded a lot of unique opportunities to play soccer with some of the best coaches, teams, and players in the country, including the National Team.

Tailyn – “compassionate”. I’ve never known anyone at any age to feel so deeply for others in life and care for them the way that Tailyn does.

Ryen – “contemplative”. Ryen does well with others, but really likes to sit back and analyze from a distance, creating for herself a plan before she attempts whatever she does.

M.J. – “energetic”. M.J. (Madyson Joy) is full of life and energy – she has rarely met a stranger and enjoys being active always.

Breann – “easy-going”. The baby of our family, Breann is a “go with the flow”, easy-going personality.

Q: Are there any anecdotes that sum up your family?

Recently, while on vacation as a family, we decided to try rock climbing. We like to think that we’re pretty athletic as a family and tend to be a competitive; some more than others, though my wife, Stacy, would never admit that she loves to beat me when she does. While climbing the wall, our kids did well yet didn’t quite make it to the top. My 13-year old son, Kaedon, called me out and challenged me, assuring me that I couldn’t ascend the wall to the top and beat him. I did what any reasonable father would do and set out to scale the wall as though I were Spiderman…and to show my kid a thing or two, that the “old man” has still got it.

All the way up the wall my son heckled me while my wife and daughters were shouting out cries of encouragement. Once I reached the top…I was stuck! Frozen! Afraid to move!

Upon reaching the top I was informed that I couldn’t climb over the wall and walk down, but had to lean back and walk down the wall. “Are you serious?!”, I thought to myself. Afraid of heights and a healthy fear of falling, the last thing that I wanted to do was BOTH! After several minutes and a lot of trepidation up top from me - and jokes and laughter down below from my family - I had no choice but to make my decent. Anything but graceful, once I reached the bottom my family scattered like cockroaches for fear that I would retaliate through holding them down and tickling them relentlessly.

Is there anything else you want to share or desire people to know about you?

What’s there to say? I’m a guy. A Husband of one. A Father of six . Eldest brother of six; three boys, three girls.  A student of life and ministry. I like sports. I love to be with people. I enjoy the expression that is music. I have recently taken up running and have been re-introduced to “working out”. I take pleasure in life. I am a Pastor, a communicator and an Evangelist. I am me…a child of God!

So, that’s it. Isn’t it?

Probably not.

If we are what we eat, then I’m a culmination of Chick-fil-A, turkey sandwiches, peanut butter on Granny Smith apples AND Chipotle. I am calories and cravings!

If we are what we do, I am a husband, father, speaker, communicator, evangelist, church planter, sometimes comedian and always on the move.

Simply put…I love living the life that God has given me!  My desire is to live life to the fullest.


Thank you, Andrew, for giving us a glimpse into your heart and your family. We're so glad God brought you to us! Welcome home!!!

Passionate about making Jesus’ name famous and changing the way people view God, Andrew is committed to leading a church of devoted sojourners dedicated to being real and relevant in reaching people with the light of Christ.

Come and hear his new series (RE)MAIN on Sundays at 8:00, 9:15 or 11 a.m. at Country Bible Church!

p.s. Autumn, I can't wait to meet you and take your picture, too! Wish I had had the privilege this past fall :)