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Me: “Just tuck the hair behind her ear and look at her adoringly…with a soft, light smile on your lips.”

Shelly starts laughing. Chad, incredulous: “Are you serious? Is she serious?? Do I really have to do that???”

Bahahaha!!! Yep. And I’m taking pictures of it, because that small, silly prompt will lead to real laughs and looks to hold onto forever. I can’t even apologize for the discomfort it causes because it makes the best photos!

This wasn’t the first time the Nourses have played in front of my camera (see four years ago here - excuse the old formatting!).

A lot has changed in four years. The kids have grown. They have a new home. Chad got cancer.

“We are an open book when it comes to our tribulations lately. I believe being open and honest about the tough stuff helps other people! You never know who is struggling.”

That’s Shelly. She’s one of those rocks that faces life head on. She writes about their hardships to keep everyone up to speed, and you can’t help but feel her infectious hope and encouraging words carrying everyone else along. If you want to follow, head this way to learn more about the road they’ve walked these last four months.

In a nutshell, Chad has Esophageal Cancer, wrapped up treatment and is getting ready for surgery. His tumor has shrunk, lymph nodes show no sign of cancer, he is gaining weight and appetite, and is amazingly healthy. Such good news!

“Kate asks every morning if Dad is going to work. A YES response gets a smile. When I pick them up from school, she asks if Dad made it all day at work. A YES response gets a HUGE smile. Max...Max just needs to sit close to his Dad more. Wants to hang out with Dad and talk about their pocket knives.

Me? I too like the normal days. Talking with the kids at dinner about school. Listening to the kids argue while they are clearing the table and supposed to be doing dishes. Today we started daydreaming about how to put our cabin back together and the changes we would make. Making plans for the future, helps to forget about the cancer. Normal things we used to take for granted, feel magical now. 

Everybody keeps asking what they can do for us and if there is anything we need.

1. Go to the doctor and get those pesky things like acid reflux checked out. 
2. Enjoy those boring typical nights at home. It can change in an instant.”

So powerful. Be watchful. Don’t take the boring little things for granted. Relish in them with new wonder and gratitude.

NOW. Today is surgery day (June 10th)! Friends, let’s pray healing and health rain down from heaven on Chad. If you’re the “good vibes” type that has never prayed before, maybe meditate on these words. If you’re the praying on your knees type, pray with me.

Lord, you made Chad and you can remake him. You have prepared him for this moment. You’ve prepared the doctors for this moment. The Nourse family for this moment. Give the doctors clarity, precision, compassion, and discernment as they operate. Give Chad’s body strength to endure and respond well to the surgery, recovering quickly. Kill the cancer in his body. Give him years and years and years to be a dad and husband, friend and coworker. Wrap your arms around Kate and Max so they can’t help but feel comfort and love. Stand firm with Shelly as she surrounds them all with her hope and encouragement and care. And then, Lord, give them rest. They’re tired. Give them the life and vigor they hope for, and give them rest. Thank you for always hearing us. Amen.

Shelly and Chad, much love to you and Max and Kate. I will pray continually over you. I hope you love this snippet of my favorites from our time together and that you hold them - and each other - close to your heart.