Us | Year Ten

Our lives look so different since the day we said "I do." Then, I was 19 going on 20 and JD was freshly graduated with a new IT job under his belt. We had a cozy little apartment right next to campus ($300 a month - free cable, internet, and no commute!). When we went out on the town in our only car, we could see not one but two movies in a row at the cheap theater and not worry about how late we were. *blissful sigh

It's Year Ten now. We have a mortgage, an adventurous preschooler, a mischievous toddler, a garden, a single stable income & a couple of growing side businesses...and every year keeps getting better. No joke. No exaggeration. Life is different and fuller and not only am I still in love with this man, but I choose to love him. And he chooses me. Every day.

Some days are harder than others. Some days he comes home from work and I promptly kick the kids out of my studio, shut the door, and run away and hide so I can work or just breathe - or goodness, sometimes both. Sometimes I overspend. Sometimes he overeats. Sometimes we fight in front of the kids. But we're still going strong! The budget is fine. He has the metabolism of a baby cheetah. The kids see that you can argue and still love each other and come to peace at the end.

We've learned a lot together as adults. How to fight and how to be a team. How to apologize and how to forgive. How to grow a garden and how to cook. How to communicate and how to listen. How to give and accept gifts. How to be at peace with those around us and stand up for what's important. How to manage a household and the people in it. How to speak a new language and travel the world. He taught me how to save, and I taught him how to enjoy the little things in life. We're completely different, yet we're so right together. 

This man of mine is dear to me.  

We traded in our inexperienced youth for a decade of joy and playfulness. 

It's such a privilege to get to be the wife of a man who chooses to honor me above all others, including himself. Cheers to the men like these, cheers to mine, and cheers to 10 years of choosing love.



JD and I never really had photos taken of just us before (well, when I wasn't wearing a giant white wedding dress...). This year we decided to make a moment of our 10 years together and they are now one of my most treasured possessions. 

Special thanks to Elena for curling my hair, laying on the mascara, and orchestrating a little getaway of coffee and love notes for me and my mister. Thank you for capturing our ten years of love with such romance and artistry! You are so dear to me, friend!!!

Thank you Lyndsay, sister of mine, who came to help with makeup and watch the Littles. What would I do without you? Never leave the house alone, that's what. I love you.

Thank you Beka, loyal friend/neighbor/PhD/professional nail artist. Thank you for making sure my digits always look so good. (NARS Chinatown Red, btw...)

Thank you Abranda, for the Arbonne foundation and powder - it's easier to feel beautiful when your skin matches what you feel on the inside :D 

And Husband, thank you. This is a whole lotta kissin' to go along with ;) I love you. 


Without further adieu, the escapades of us...

Photo credit: Elena Ogle

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