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"The secret code word is...Blork!"

Cue: laughing hysterically. Thank you, B.J. Novak, for ridiculous words and books with no pictures (a favorite in both our houses). The boys loved their special instructions for when to have a jump party and pillow fight. Solomon and Wesley were only too happy to accommodate my outrageous instructions, delighting in bouncing around and reading each other stories. 

When Erin reached out to me, she told me she wanted to document her playful, outdoorsy boys in their element...which just happens to be my happy place as a photographer.

After getting properly riled up, we went across the street to their favorite park and shot hoops, soared on swings, and clambered around the playground before heading back to the tent and campfire in their backyard for making s'mores and happy memories.

Erin and Phil, I hope you love these little worlds between seconds we captured of your boys in the midst of childhood!