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Let's do coffee...

So you're on the cusp of freedom and life is pulsing through your veins. Change is coming and the thought of new adventures and road trips and unmet kindred spirits makes your heart quicken. Wanderer, this is your moment. 

So life is chaos, sticky hands, dirty laundry,  time outs, noise, and exhaustion...but those sweet in-between moments of dimpled fingers pulling your face to theirs and riotous giggles and the awe in their faces when they learn something about the world for the first time has your heart melting all over again, reminding you of why you love this messy tribe of yours. Mama, this is your moment.  

So you're going to promise yourself to your best friend, that you will choose him - every day - and that you will walk this side of eternity hand in hand. Beautiful bride, this is your moment.

Your story is worth telling. Your beloved faces are worth capturing. Your life is hectic and beautiful and...yours.

Let's talk about those perfectly imperfect things you want to preserve. Seriously, let's do coffee.