"Five stars does not even begin to rate the overall experience that is Heather Hall Photography. Simply put, you will not find anyone as genuine, caring, flexible, and adventurous as Heather for your photography needs. But that isn't even the best part...THE PICTURES...they are amazing! The time she takes with each of your captured moments is clearly evident when you receive the final product. I can say with complete confidence that as long as she is available, NO ONE else will take pictures for our family!"  



"Heather has a natural, calming, and genuine presence. Beyond the beautiful product, her passion to tell a story about our family made our photo session nothing short of personal and an overall enjoyable experience! She took time to capture the true essence of our family dynamic. During the session and after seeing the product, I personally felt quite beautiful, which was made possible due to Heather's eye, and ability to put me at ease! In front of the camera is not my common place, but it didn't need to be for fantastic outcomes of Heather's work."



"Working with Heather was a dream! I was drawn to her photography from the first moment I saw it and she managed to exceed my expectations in every way. Anyone who is able to make me feel like a super model is a true talent and I hope she never puts the camera down."



"After meeting with Heather for the first time, I knew I wanted her to be my photographer. Part of the reason I liked her so much was because she was so personable. She wanted to know about me and who I was. She was extremely helpful during the whole process. I had such a great time during my shoot. She listened to what I wanted and suggested ideas of her own. The whole experience was amazing and I enjoyed every second of my shoot. Most importantly the pictures turned out great! I'm so happy I chose Heather, and I am definitely one satisfied customer."



"Heather is an amazing photographer!!! She has an incredible eye for detail -- book your session!!!"  



"We won't be using anyone else for our family's pictures! Our photos were plentiful and breathtaking. I never felt rushed or on the clock, we got our pictures when promised (which was promptly!), and she even included many of the "duds" as we requested. Most importantly, the quality of the photographs made us say, "That's our family?!" Thank you, Heather, for capturing our family's love."  



"Heather did an awesome job with our engagement photos! Both my fiance and I are kind of camera shy and not real fond of having pictures taken, but Heather made it really fun and I honestly had a great time! She's an amazing and talented photographer!"  



"Fantastic work and person! She did my senior pictures, and they turned out great!"  



"We love getting our photos taken with Heather! Our boys are so active while we are trying to take their pics that I'm always amazed how Heather can capture those sweet moments while they run around ! She also took photos of our house when we listed it for sale. We had numerous compliments on the photos! We love Heather Hall Photography!"  



"Our large family shoot was wonderful. We had 10 people and it couldn't have gone better! I will defiantly use Heather again next year!"  



"Wonderful! Very fun to work with! She took AMAZING pictures of my family. With 5 little boys sometimes its hard to keep them all together. Heather made it so easy!"  



"I LOVED out experience today with Heather! She was wonderfully patient and didn't mind the behind the scenes entertainment provided by Evan! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the pictures!"  



"Heather did such a great job with our family pictures! She had a lot of ideas of places to take pictures and really has an eye for what will look good in a background! She got our pictures back to us really quickly and was a pleasure to work with!"  



"Heather does an amazing job of capturing the moment. Her pictures not only make for great memories but also artwork. My family will definitely be using her again in the future."  



"Heather was a joy to work with for the few sessions I have had with her. She makes you feel at ease which produces beautiful, genuine photographs. I would highly recommend her."  



"Heather really has an eye for photography. She has the best personality and her approach keeps you at ease for some excellent photos and amazing candid shots. I appreciate how she took her time for the best results, we had a lot of fun! I would highly recommend her to everyone."  



"Heather did a wonderful job with our family picture. She is so genuine to work with, and takes a lot of pride in her work. I highly recommend Heather for any family needing pictures taken. She's great!"  



"Heather is an amazing photographer to work with and our family has so much fun working with her. She captures so much of life's beauty in a single shot!"  



"Such a great experience! Everything I could've hoped for!"



"Heather has such an artistic eye and great timing! Her photography is top notch! We have loved every photo she has taken of our family and we will continue using her to capture our growing family!"  



"A great experience! Heather is a true professional, but also very easy-going and likable. Highly recommend."  


"Our family has been enjoying the beautiful and creative work of Heather Hall Photography for the past three years. She has captured a plethora of memories that are proudly displayed throughout our entire home and they are sure to bring a smile to our faces each time we pass. We joyously look forward to meeting up with Heather each time we schedule a session and often find ourselves asking, "What memory would we like to have Heather capture next?"



"Heather provided both of my daughters with beautiful and unique photo sessions. She captured their hearts and their personalities. The girls adored Heather, and we all adored their photos. Heather made their sessions so fun, entertaining and exciting. She really took the time to get to know the girls in order to choose perfect locations and take amazing shots. She even helped them choose their wardrobes for the sessions! LOVE HER!"



"My family loves working with Heather! She is attentive to requests and goes out of her way to capture the perfect photo. She is wonderful with kids! I also appreciate her creativity and attention to detail. I highly recommend her!"  



"Heather photographed our wedding this summer. She captured the most amazing moments throughout the entire day. She is so down to earth and focuses on the little details that accentuate the big picture. She was extremely patient with two very eccentric families and a wild group of friends. Our photos truly tell the story of our wedding day and we could not be happier!"



"Heather took maternity photos for us. We love how they turned out! I appreciated her meeting with me prior to the shoot to learn our story and to go over the ideas for the shoot. We had originally planned to take photos outdoors but had to move it indoors last minute because of the weather. Heather was flexible and came to our home instead. She is very approachable and her laugh is contagious!"



"Heather did an amazing job making myself and my family feel comfortable and captured some priceless moments!!!"   



"I was just looking back at our daughter's six month pictures thinking about how glad I am that we took the time to book a session with Heather. She is so patient with children and her pictures turned out AMAZING. Blakely is already almost two and I can't bring myself to take her six month pictures off of my computer desktop--seeing them just brings me so much joy! It is truly worth it to take the time to get professional pictures taken and you can't go wrong when you go with Heather. I am looking forward to Heather capturing many more of our family memories!"  



"I am so thankful that Heather was our photographer for our wedding. Not only was she patient and kind during the photo shoot, but the pictures were phenomenal. One would be remiss to find another photographer who has as much talent and passion as Heather."



"Had our maternity photos done by Heather! We absolutely loved how they turned out! She was so easy to work with and she helped us look our best! Can't wait to have more photos done with her! Would recommend her to anyone!!"  



"Heather does such amazing work. Not only does she take incredible photos, but she is also so personable and professional. Another important aspect of her talent is in her editing. She doesn't over process and she truly brings out the beauty in every subject, which makes them all come alive. I wish I had her talent, but I'll happily scroll through all of the photos that she posts instead. :D"  



"Heather took our 40th wedding anniversary pictures. They were nearly all candids, and each and every one of them were superb. She caught us in tender moments, being silly, laughing and serious. And if you can make OLD people look good, the way she did, well, what higher complement can I give? Oh, did I mention how fun and easy she is to work with?"  



"The day seems quite unforgettable. The screams as we tried to get young ones in their matching outfits. The puzzled look on my face as I tried to understand what my wife envisioned I'd wear. The tense drive out to the park after some trivial marital argument that flared up at just the wrong moment. Then there were the half dozen apologies we had for the photographer about being late and trying to get our kiddos to not act like little gremlins. ... And yet, have no fear! Heather Hall Photography is here! After what was a super-fun shoot in the park with lots of smiles and silliness, we forgot all about our difficult day and went to have ice cream together. Getting the pictures a few days later, we were so impressed with how they turned out. She captured beautiful moments between us that we will be able to have and share for so many years to come. So many people have had such great things to say about them. I'm thankful that every time I look at them I can see genuine smiles; a delight because I know our expressions just an hour before! :) Heather Hall, thank you for helping to shape our memories! It's true, without the valleys we would not appreciate the peaks, but it's the peaks that I want photographs of on my wall. You and your photography are a huge blessing to my family now and for years to come."  



"I have been a supporter and an encourager of Heather Hall’s photography and fine arts business for many years. Her creative eye captures only what I could describe as beautiful genius. Heather’s work makes me appreciate what I can’t see with my own eyes. Aside what she captures in a photo, her editing perfects each image; she sees everything that can be enhanced further or needs slight corrections. Also, I do own several of her paintings and each one makes me daydream. The colors and abstract nature of each piece lets me drift into another world. I highly recommend Heather as she is able to work through the photography sessions in a friendly manner to make everyone at ease and her work is professional."  



"Our entire family had an excellent experience with Heather. She used her creativity to make all of our children's ideas successful and beautiful!"



"Heather took our wedding pictures last June and did an exceptional job. Working with Heather was easy and fun. She helped put our nerves and jitters to easy during the day of, gave nice direction when need, but still catered to the shots and vision we wanted. We were thrilled with the results! She clearly has an artistic eye!"



"Easy to work with, very low pressure environment, excellent photos and tasteful editing. You'd be hard pressed to find a more kind, creative, multi-talented individual."  



Heather recently came to our studio to capture some behind the scenes shots of our company. She made sure she understood our company vision and listened to our photoshoot ideas so that she could translate them into beautiful images that will stay with us as our company grows.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have authentic and quality photographs of your small business. Heather spent the time to make sure we were comfortable during our photoshoot and took a documentary approach which allows the people who view them to feel like they are peering into part of our daily lives. She is both kind and professional and truly cares about each company she works with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who desires to further their business!

-Derek & Elena Ogle, Co-Founders of Willow & Wade


"Heather Hall is amazing. She asked me to write this review, and at first I was like "oh ya, that will be so easy!" But when I sat down to write, I found it much more difficult to put into words what an amazing experience we had with her. She is down to earth. Honest. Fun. And her loving personality is contagious. Our wedding day rained ALL day, no seriously, ALL day. And when I went into panic mode for pictures, Heather made it all better. And you know what? Our pictures are the most beautiful treasure that we will have for the rest of our lives. I couldn't have asked for anything else. She gave me everything I wanted in our wedding album - even the ones I didn't know I wanted! So grateful that Heather brought such stunning images to our lives."



"I knew from the beginning that having an inventory of captivating images would be needed for my little business to flourish. Heather has been my go-to gal for two years and together we have captured many seasonal launches for my product and modeled photoshoots. By working with Heather Hall Photography, I have been able to work alongside another creative to build an inventory of images which has helped my little shop site launch as well as cross to social media sites so I could establish an online presence. The consultation is valuable time where I can brainstorm ideas with Heather and finalize every detail needed for each photoshoot. Every time I receive a new gallery of images I am always in awe of how are a true reflection of my creations and how our consultation session has come to life. These photos have helped my potential followers and buyers fall in love with my story and what I create."

-Lyndsay, Owner of Pistachio


"Heather did an amazing job with our Christmas card photos! She was so personal and caring and really took her time with us! She listened to our requests and our photos turned out better than I envisioned! She was excellent in communicating details about our session and showed up prepared! I wish we still lived in Nebraska so we could continue to use Heather! She's amazing!"  



"Heather's sweet smile, whimsical, fun loving personality really makes a photo session easy and enjoyable! She has a great eye for color and the nice outdoor background ideas that truly become a selection of beautiful keepsake photos!"  



"There really aren't enough stars here. Excellent creative photographer. Heather did our son's senior pix...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! You're one in a million, Heather! Always enjoy looking at all her photos, even if I don't know the people in them...such imagination!"  



"Talent with a capital T! Loved all the pictures Heather did for our family photos, she really showcased our son Josh, which was fantastic and we all had a blast with the poses for pictures in the park. Will definitely recommend anyone who needs pictures taken to get them through Heather!"  



"Heather has helped College of Saint Mary with Commencement photo shoots for the past few years, and does an excellent job. This is a chaotic and exciting time for graduates and their families. Heather's calm demeanor and positive energy is the exact combination needed to make the event run smoothly. I highly recommend her for corporate and family photo shoots."



"Heather is not only an A+ photographer, she is an A+ person. Her integrity and high moral character shone through as she related to us and our family's desires during our photo shoot. Heather is attentive, organized, purposeful, diligent, and creative. Plus, she's fun!  You won't be disappointed!"



"The best wedding present I received was not technically a wedding present, but I'm counting it anyways. Being introduced to Heather was the greatest gift I could've ever asked for. I was so fortunate to be able to have her as my photographer on such short notice. Having worked with her twice I can honestly say what a joy it is to work with her. The excitement and joy she has and brings with her is astounding. I can honestly say I never had to force or fake a smile because she keeps you smiling and laughing the whole time. She has an amazing eye for things and is so fun, laid back, and relaxed, yet so excited to take pictures you can't help but fall in love with her and her work."   



"Working with Heather was such a breeze! She helped pose me and directed almost every aspect of the shoot. We discussed our expectations, and we were able to work together. With both of our ideas, we created some amazing photos!"



"If you are looking to get family pictures or your kiddos pictures taken Heather does an awesome job! She is great with kids!"  



"We have treasured all of the photos that Heather has taken of her family! She does an excellent job and your photos are ready in such a timely fashion! The pictures are always better than expected! Thank you, Heather!"  



"Heather is so laid back! You can tell she really enjoys the work she does and it definitely comes out in her pictures. Thank you, Heather!"  



"Talk about multi talented! Went to Heather with an idea for an abstract piece. She nailed it! It's a timeless, amazingly beautiful piece of artwork with some hidden elements. LOVE looking at it daily. It is very special to us all! Then Heather did our family pictures. The most fun I've ever had getting family pics taken. Great ideas, laid back. AND Heather was about 8+ months pregnant. Beautiful person inside and out!"  



"We were one of Heather's first photography clients and we have been using her ever since. Heather does an amazing job capturing the backgrounds and light just right to make a perfect picture. And she has a TON of patience with our children! She is calm and just continues to work with them until she gets just the right photo. I am always nervous when we leave the photo shoot if we got any good photos but Heather has never disappointed us - she always has way too many good ones to choose from. :) She edits our photos very quickly and gets them to us right away. And, her prices cannot be beat! I cannot imagine using anyone else to help our family capture the special moments!!!"