Freckles & Fall | A Portrait

As a photographer, I don't make it into a lot of pictures. I especially don't often have any pictures to boast of that don't include babies in my arms or a giant camera for an infrequent "selfie." So after a recent haircut, my stylist - Rebecca at Bungalow 8 - gave me a fishtail braid (my first ever real braid as an adult!) and I begged JD to get a photo when we got home.

I want to share my favorite because it's not some random shot with an iPhone (although you can take some high quality ones with a phone these days) - it's a portrait, and a portrait that I feel good about and beautiful in. I know my freckles are outrageous in number and the fine lines crease new parts of my face every day, but I'm embracing it all and looking forward to a new season. 

Cheers to freckles and fall.

Heather Hallmusings