Apple Orchard Friends Part I | Lifestyle

I know I missed launching personal posts this fall season (had to get everyone else's Christmas card photos out!), but I still want to share some of our ramblings and rovings from the Autumn. Super Bee Orchard in Fort Calhoun is a local favorite, so the Littles and I met some friends there for caramel apples and tag. What a joy it is to see our next generation play together! I adore the way they pal around, even the toddlers - Milo & Jonas. *melt my heart!*

This particular day was beautiful in all it's warm sunshine, abundant apples, and ample room for chasing. We were missing the presence of a few close friends who couldn't make it, but we managed to pick raspberries and catch up with cheer.

While I normally post our family adventures over at KINDRED STORY, this gallery was just too magical not to share here on Heather Hall Photography, so enjoy a golden glimpse into our fall...