Best of You | 2016

"Still images capture the magnificent worlds that exist between the fractions of seconds, so fleeting they might fly by unnoted. That is their power and their beauty." 
- Twyla Jones

Those tiny moments - the breathless twirling and windswept reprieve - I adore them, and I know you do, too. As your storyteller, it's those fractions of seconds I want to give you - tangible, visceral, visual - so you can revel in their beauty always. It's easy to forget the in-between, so here's a shout out to my tribe, the ones who value art and remembering.

This past year was a growing year for me. A new genre, style, site, gear, strategy, and a whole slew of other things that go into being a rising creative as well as a solid business owner. I upped my game and added value, relationship, coffee, and a better eye, and I have to say...2016 was my best year yet! Not sure how it can get better, but I'm excited for the new dreams and collaborations I have to look forward to! 

Friends, I love you. Thank you for making me your friend and inviting me into your lives. It is such an honor to tell a chapter of it.

Curating is hard work, and while I didn't feature every family or shoot, these are what I believe to be my most artistic, creative, challenging, or best images of 2016. Enjoy :)

Heather Hall