Fall | Styled

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." 
- Jim Bishop

I've been stockpiling a small treasure trove of beautiful images from my days this fall season. And speaking of gold, I relish every glint of it in my home! I found some secondhand pins and brooches from our local rummage sale (the lion buckle is now attached to a pirate belt in the littles' dress-up wardrobe) and they cheer up any nook and cranny in my studio. I loved scribbling notes in a pretty french book with a golden fountain pen I bought from a local artisan awhile back, surrounded with coronet of garnet colored mums from a friend's garden. A silver cardinal brooch rests prettily on a yard of thistle fabric my sister found online for a secret collection next fall. A bronze woodland doorknocker and feather hook came home to live with us from my favorite store in all the land.  A letter to my new kindred spirit/penpal is ready to go out on dainty pink stationary with many flourishes of hand. Aromatic lavender was ready for harvest and drying, puffing up sachets and scenting their surroundings with the fresh, clean perfume of its oils. It has been a beautiful fall, indeed...

Heather Hall