Jillian | Lifestyle Portrait Photoshoot


Meet Jillian. Sophomore and model-bound, this girl is getting comfortable in front of the camera! Her looks are a lethal combination of a blonde Mila Kunis with hints of Angelina Jolie, Danaerys Targaryen, and Cameron Diaz. One second she's exuding cherub-like sweetness and the playfulness of T-Swift and the next she jumps right into vexed vixen. Jillian's tastes run more urban than woodland, so we kept it real downtown with stocking caps, ripped jeans, ear buds and coffee along with mini skirt, leather jacket and knee-highs from her literal suitcase of wardrobe changes. (Happy day!) A little daring. A little sassy. Always cool and effortless.

Jillian, I hope you had a ball playing in front of my lens! Can't wait for Round No. 2. What an awesome beginning to your career!

Enjoy a billiondy of my favorites (but seriously though...) :D