Kennedy | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Senior Session

"It's so cold!"

Words uttered by dauntless Kennedy as she dipper her feet in the water at the end of our session where we caught the last of the cotton candy wisps of cloud over a periwinkle sky. "I promise, just a few more shots!" (Famous last words of every photographer.) It was so breathtaking - Kennedy in a rosy linen dress, the reflection of God's glory above and below her, the water still as glass. It was the most stunning finale I've ever shot.

Rewind three hours to where we met at Ted & Wally's in the Old Market. We started with another pink dress and cotton candy of a different favorite cream

I pondered with envy whether it was feasible to eat ice cream and take pictures at the same time and ruled it out as dangerous for my gear and only mildly unprofessional - but dreamed nonetheless. We scored a 70 degree day in Nebraska's fall - a serious win. Our darling enjoyed the best ice cream of Omaha, then changed into a few vintage numbers to leaf through vinyl and meander through Pretty in Patina Boutique and Antique Annex - perfect backdrops to Kennedy's playful spirit.

Then it was the Hollywood Candy shop across the street complete with rainbow lollipop (seriously, can I eat that and shoot?! Nope again...) We played there and then found a secret garden of an alleyway with vines already making their transformation from deep green to russet. We had SO MUCH FUN THERE. (And can we all just agree for a second that in this set with the vines that she is a doppelganger for Emily Browning?)

After a quick jaunt up I-29 we popped into our local treasure - De Soto National Wildlife Refuge - where we caught the golden hour and Kennedy together. 

"Stop the car! Kennedy put on that blue top. Meet me outside ASAP!" Stunning. Another incredible moment where nature and Kennedy collided.

Mr. Otis - Kennedy's beloved cat - even got to pop in for a few pictures and he was the Most Handsome Cat In The World. What a sweet thing to get to do, even for a few minutes! I wanted to bring him home with me, and that's saying something as an individual who has forsworn animals to the end of days. He was adorable.

And at the end is our beginning, where we chased the last of our light to the water and I shot some of my best pictures to date. It was awesome. The way the colors and the light and the reflection and Kennedy's motion and dress and personality all mingled felt like a gift from God.

Kennedy, I had so much fun capturing your bubbly, endearing, and cheery soul! You are such a kindred spirit and I hope you love these as much as I do!!!